Career Opportunity

Our Commitment to our employees

  • To promote an atmosphere which allows employees to grow, both personally and professionally
  • To provide an atmosphere in which our staff has input towards organizational policies and direction
  • To maintain a leadership position, within the private ambulance industry, in the areas of total compensation and quality of work life for our employees
  • To foster a rewarding and enjoyable environment for our staff through direct provision, or through collaboration with others, Gentle Ride Ambulance shall assume a leadership role in assuring that high quality ambulance and mobile health care services are available and responsive to our community needs.
  • To emphasize quality assurance activities, this will maintain and improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Few people realize the care and compassion provided by Gentle Ride Ambulance employees on a daily basis. While you may see our ambulances and support vehicles as they move about Los Angeles and Orange Counties, you may not be aware of the dedication and skill of the personnel inside of the unit.

Gentle Ride Ambulance employees continuously work to expand their knowledge base and skills to insure that our patients are treated with the most up to date care that is available, and with the best clinical equipment that can be found.

Gentle Ride Ambulance provides on-going education for our personnel, as well as in-service training on the latest equipment and care techniques. With our own on-site Education Center, Gentle Ride Ambulance employees are provided many opportunities to seek additional training and education. Additionally, Gentle Ride Ambulance personnel are involved in teaching other individuals about emergency medical care, first aid, and other safety programs.

Gentle Ride Ambulance employees work closely with hospital and medical facility staff members, as well as participating in training sessions with emergency physicians. Because of our relationship with the hospitals in our service area, our personnel are often involved in hospital care programs, research projects, and quality assurance panels.


You may apply online or fill out our employment application at our office Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm. If you have any questions feel free to contact us through our Online Contact form and a hiring manager will respond to you as soon as possible. If you have a resume, you may attach it to the online application.